Resulting Products of Cryobiology


In Vitro Fertilization 

Frozen embryo transfer is a new type of infertility treatment. Patients who undertake the in vitro fertilization treatment may choose to freeze the extra embryos remained after the procedure in order to use them in an ulterior IVF treatment in case the current one doesn’t succeed. The frozen embryos can be transferred into the uterus later. The operation of embryo freezing is also known as embryo cryopreservation and is a way of beating the biological clock ("Egg Freezing").



Bone Marrow Storage

Bone marrow cells, which are radiation sensitive, are frozen and stored for later use for leukemia patients.

Blood Storage

Blood banks can freeze rare and individual blood types for up to 10 years ("Cryobiology").


Freeze Dried Foods

Many different types of foods are freeze dried, such as ice cream, instant coffee, food for toddlers, and food for hikers. A well known company that carries freeze dried products for hikers is Mountain House.



Anybody can be a consumer and take part in the development of cryobiology. For instance, everybody can take part in purchasing freeze dried foods. However, only people at a specific disadvantage, besides scientists and physicians, can take part in the medical aspects of cryobiology. Processes such as invitro fertilization, bone marrow transplant, tissue removal, and etc will be performed on the needed.


The Society of Cryobiology funds some of the research in this field (Darwin).

The Methodist Hospital has received grants from National American Heart Association and The Showalter Foundation for Cardiovascular Research (Funding).


As stated in earlier pages, the research and developments of cryobiology will further benefit mankind. Its development will indefinitely lead to newer scientific technologicial machines that are able to cope with the extensive levels of required experiments. Also, new discoveries can be attempted; discoveries such as finding cures for certain abnormalities in the body or the revival of dead organs.


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