The Science of Cryobiology

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The word cryobiology (from the Greek words “cryo” = cold, “bios” = life, and “logos” = science) signifies the science of life at low temperatures. This field consists of the study of any biological material or system (e.g., proteins, cells, tissues, organs, or organisms) subjected to any temperature below normal (Sputtek).


Cryosurgery, is the process of using extremely cold temperatures to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. ("What Is Cryosurgery"). Read More.

Cryonics is the practice of keeping a clinically dead human body or brain at an extremely low temperature("21st Century"). Read More.


Cryopreservation is the process of preserving and storing living systems in a viable condition at low temperatures ("21st Century"). Read More.

Lyophilization is the process that extracts water from products ("What Is Lyophilization". Read More.   


As the 109th patient (most recent), of the Cryonics Institute (CI), 72 year old Scottish man paid the CI $28,000 to preserve his DNA only to find himself dead and interfere with the freezing of one of the CI's member's cat (Best). Click here to view the whole story.

Other stories from the Cryonics Institute.



(Keep in mind, the dates are not exact)



At Miami University, Research in the Laboratory for Ecophysiological Cryobiology is focused in three primary areas: Vertebrate Cryobiology, Insect Cryobiology, and Ice-Nucleating Microorganisms. Basic research in all areas aims to elucidate principles of adaptation to life at low temperature ("Research Projects").


 "The Art of Freezing"

Click Here to Learn More About Cryonics.  

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The Society for Cryobiology was founded in 1964 with the intent of promoting scientific research in low temperature biology, to improve scientific understanding in the field, and to disseminate and apply the knowledge to the benefit of mankind. Not only are there benefits to the ones being shared this knowledge, the members of this society attain benefit from it too (Society for Cryobiology). Click Here for more information.


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The Society for Low Temperature Biology was also founded in 1964 to promote the research into the effects of low temperatures on all types of organisms and their constituent cells, tissues and organs (The Society for Low ). Click Here for more information.

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